Cambridge regatta results

The Cambridge Town Cup was held on the 24 January at Karapiro. The regatta consisted of 2343 athletes from 46 schools, the HBHS squad completed in a range of events and achieved some great results.

First placings
Men's 4X+
Men's Club 4+
U17 8+
Men's Nov 2X
U15 8+
U15 8X+
U18 4+
U15 4X+
Men's Nov 8+
U16 8+
Men's Nov 4+
U15 4+
U18 8+

Second placings
U16 4+
U17 4X+

Third Placings
U16 4X+
U18 4X+
U16 2X

Full results here: http://www.rowit.co.nz/results/kric2014r2?cn=hamb


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