Aon Maadi Regatta 2014

Finals Day 2 - Saturday 29th March

Perfect conditions on Lake Ruataniwha. Who will ever forget the U18 8+ Maadi Cup race? What a spectactular race with Boys' High leading from start to finish. Napier BHS and St Bedes tried but couldn't bridge the gap.

U18 8+ Maadi Cup
U15 8+
U15 4+
U15 4X+
U18 N 2X
U18 N 4+
U18 N 8+

U18 4+
U16 8+

U17 4X+
U16 4+
U15 4X+

Finals Day 1

Ideal rowing conditions today. Glassy calm virtually all day.
Some great result in some hard fought finals

Photos below in order are:
  1. Gold in U18 2X N
  2. Ivan Pavich the new trophy for the inaugural winners of the U18 2X N
  3. Bronze U16 4+
  4. Gold U18 8+ N
  5. Gold U15 8+
  6. U15 8 finish
  7. Sliver Springbok Shield U18 4+
  8. U17 8+ in a hard fought battle for the medals

Day 2 and 3

Below are the progressions as of midday Thursday
Tuesday was disrupted by a cold southerly front which blew a few boats over and a marquees blew out. Racing stopped at 12 noon Tue and recommenced about 4 pm which meant all heats were eventually raced by the end of the day. Wednesday was a good frosty fine day but not much fun for rowers, coaches and spectators. All repechage results were determined by 1500m time trials. Not what racing is meant to be. Fortunately that is behind us and today has been semis. Finals start Friday.

Results to date
U16 4x+ Both crews to A Final
U18 2X Prier, Bain to A Final
U17 8 to A Final (scheduled 11:50 am Fri)
U18 4+ HAMB1 to the A Final (Scheduled 1:10 pm Fri)
U16 4+ HAMB1 to the A Final
U18 8+ Nov – Exhibition to A Final (Fri 2:30 pm)
U15 8+ to A Final (Fri 3:50 pm)
U18 4+ Semi result pending
U15 4X+ Semi result pending
U17 4+ To A Final (Sat 10:15)
U18 2X L Semi pending
U16 8+ HAMB 1 and 2 in A Final (Sat 12:10)
U15 4+ HAMB1 Semi pending
U17 4x Semi pending Thur 4:40 pm
U18 4+ N HAMB1 Semi pending Thur 5.00 pm
U18 8+ HAMB1 to A final and HAMB2 TO B Final

Day 1 update

Progressions Day 1.
  • U16 4X+ two crews to repechage
  • U18 N 2X two crews placed 1st in heats and through to Semi
  • U17 8+ through to FINAL
  • U18 4X+ crew1 to FINAL and crew 2 to repechage
  • U16 4+ two crews to repechages
  • U18 N8+ to FINAL
  • U17 2X to Q Final
  • U15 8+ to FINAL
  • U18 4+ to semi final
  • U 15 4X+ result pending

In the meantime selection of pics from day one.
In order
  1. Our strong U16 Nov 4x+ Comfortably taking out heat 3
  2. U17 8+ rowing down to the start
  3. U17 8+ racing for lanes in the only U17 8 heat. St Pauls lead but only by less than 3 sec at the finish
  4. U15 8+ comfortable first in heat and best time of U15 8 heats
  5. U18 4+ Springbok 4 looking good coming down to finish

Before race days

Pics below are:
  1. Local schools getting into Maadi spirit with support posters displayed in Twizel shops
  2. Loading boats before the trip
  3. Maadi parade through Twizel
  4. Hamilton Boys making us proud with their haka. Lots of challenges from other schools but the boys responded in good spirit. Some good pics and video of this floating around.


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