Photograph Disclaimer

On accessing any photographic images in the gallery section or anywhere on the Hamilton Boys' High School Rowing website, it is understood these images are for review and/or comment or private personal use only.

Any further use of image(s) in any format or by any means mechanical or digital now or in future, redistribution, on-selling or loaning of the image(s) directly to or by third parties for their commercial or personal reasons without prior written consent from the originator of the images is not permitted. Copyright © of all images on this site, remain with the originator(s) of the image(s) whether named or otherwise.

All images are taken in the public domain. Any third party logo's, advertising and/or sponsorship information captured is a result of the nature of photographic image capture and subsequently unavoidable. No attempt by HBHS Rowing or that of the photographer is claimed implicitly or explicitly to promote any third party organisation.


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