Hamilton Boys' High School Rowing

Hamilton Boys' High School New Zealand is widely recognised as having a long standing successful secondary school rowing programme. Consistently achieving local, regional and national successes at U15, U16, U17, U18 and novice groups.  
The commitment by coaches, management, sponsors, parents and rowers is reflective of the outcomes accomplished. It is no accident the on-water results across all age groups is reflected in each boy's off-water experiences and their academic standing.

Rowing Programme

A professionally planned, run and structured programme, our boy's have access to the very best available equipment, training facilities and world-class rowing venues, second only to the committed and dedicated coaching team. The values and work ethic instilled in our young men throughout the programme remain with them for life; it is widely acknowledged within the school, the 'rowers' reflect in everything they do, the high standards and personal attributes inspired through being part of the rowing programme.

As the HBHS programme continues to grow, catering for around 100 boys, it continues to attract interest nationally and internationally. Hugely reliant on the support of family, friends, HBHS Old Boys', fundraising events and dedicated sponsors and donors, it would not be possible to provide a programme of such high calibre without this combined coordinated input. The individual support of major sponsors and donors is critical to provide the additional funds necessary to purchase boats and replace equipment. We graciously acknowledge their support and on-going encouragement.

A sport of national significance and a community of dedicated participants, this is your opportunity to help develop boys into successful rowers and future leaders.


To be successful requires:

  • A skilled leadership and coach team
  • Boys with the right attitude and potential
  • Discipline and respect for the school and team members
  • Modern equipment
  • Supportive families and donors
  • Fundraising, sponsors and donors to help fund new boats and gear

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